Local Family Owned and Operated Business Since 2000

Why Choose Us?

We put the customers first. We have been in Business since 2000, and we get many customer recommendations. We have an A+ Record From Better Business Bureau. We guarantee you a 110% price match. Unlike other retailers, we don’t use private tags on our rugs to trick customers into paying more. We display all manufacturer’s original labels which have the collection, design, and size, and we recommend you to check our prices. If you find a rug cheaper than our price, we will sell it to you for 10% LESS than the lowest price. (Simple & Honest) You can take a photo of the rug and put it in Google image app to find out the exact information of the carpet, and the lowest prices available online. so avoid paying high prices, if some are changing the original rug labels.

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We offer best value

Value means Quality with the Best Prices. Whether it is a current, discontinued, or overstock item, we’ll give you the best value rugs guaranteed. When some of our rugs stay for a while, we mark down them close to our cost to make more room for new inventory. That’s one of the reasons why you always see the latest designs in our stores and why we get so many happy customers.

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Design Quality

We have one of the most amazing collections of affordable high quality rugs in the Southeast. From traditional to contemporary, modern to solid, shaggy to casual, outdoor to the southwest, transitional to vintage- WE HAVE IT ALL. The good part is that most of our rugs are hanging on our smooth swing full opening display racks. (NO HASSLE)

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We make with love

We produce our Hafiz Encore and New York Collections in Belgium on State-of-the-art looms. Our new Venice, Rumi, Alps, New Milan, Morocco, Ashayer, Shiraz, and Vienna Collections are all produced in Turkey. We also have a great business relationship with these well-distinguished manufacturers and importers. Nourison Rugs, Momeni Rugs, Oriental Weavers USA, Dynamic Rugs, Loloi Rugs, Kas Rugs Amer Rugs, Home Dynamix, Central Oriental Rugs, Orian Rugs, Tayse Rugs.

We believe merchandise sells itself

We think if you have excellent looking rugs at the best prices, there is no reason to make up a story to sell that, which is why we don’t have noisy salespeople to bother you. As it’s been clear through all these years we strive to offer the best customer service, and we are always here to help.

So Finally

We are locally family-owned and operated. We aim to provide our customers with the best products for their homes.